How to launch a product without being too salesy

Whether it’s a new product or a product you already have, launching a product can be daunting, especially if sales and marketing doesn’t come naturally.

When you’re launching a new product it’s important you cover all areas of your marketing channels, including friends and family. But the important thing to consider is how to sell without coming over as being pushy, we all have had an email that we’ve deleted immediately.

How to sell without being too salesy.

Unless you tell people about your new launch, you’ll probably find yourself being disappointed that no one has purchased your product. Mainly because no one has seen any marketing messages, or a call to action to purchase your product.

What is an ideal practice when a business is about to launch is to hit multiple marketing channels, with multiples messages. Re-engage with your audience.

We have hand-picked our best 5 tips on how to make sure your new launch won’t fail.

5 Marketing ideas how to create hype around your new product launch.

TIP 1: Create a teaser of your product each day or week.

Having a launch date is vital when launching a new product, you don’t want to think ‘oh I’ll launch today’, a launch needs strategic planning and scheduling.

Share short clips and teasers via social media about your new product. You could keep your customers guessing by posting silhouettes of your product, or you could tease close ups of the product.

The main aim of teasing is giving your customers a little glimpse of what they need and making them feel that they want it more.

TOP TIP: Use video content on social media, this not only increases engagement with your own followers but especially with the likes of Instagram reels, you will reach a whole new audience.

TIP 2: Host a giveaway / competition

Hosting a giveaway or a competition is not only fun, but it can allow you to reach those numbers in followers and database subscribers.

Always make sure you are getting something from the competition. This could be a follow on social media, or an email from the entrant.

Make sure to make the prize something that your audience would want. There’s not much use offering generic products, or services if the reason your followers follow you for your own products.

Websites like MailChimp, provide great landing pages for you to capture competition entries.

TIP 3: Run paid ads

Running ads to introduce your products to new audiences is a great way to get in front of thousands who’d be hard to reach normally. If you’re not comfortable with running ads, make sure you test the waters first with a test ad using a product you already sell, or boost a post that you’ve posted.

Make sure to run ads both on Instagram and facebook, as each platform has different target audiences.

TIP 4: Make use of your data lists!

Making use of what you already have is so important, targeting new customers or audiences is all fine and well, but you’ll have a higher chance of converting a product sale with existing contacts.

Use email marketing as a great way to interact with these customers and create VIP lists. By creating a VIP list you can target them with specific messages that other users do not get. This can be determined by how many times they have purchased from your website already, or how long they’ve been a subscriber and have interacted with your content.

Offering VIP content to your audience will make them feel special, valued and more likely to make another purchase from an increase in customer satisfaction. Use this as a tool to incentivise other customers to join your mailing list, once you have their data treat them as friends and let them know the important information, deals, and offers available on your website.

TIP 5: Don’t be shy on social media!

Not posting or posting content that your audience do not interact with won’t help your launch at all!

Market in an authentic way to your audience is key, even when you’re trying to sell on social media, don’t come across as being too salesy.

Set up and schedule your content in advance so you’re not caught off guard and rushing around at the last minute to pull something together, which a. probably doesn’t look as good, and b. isn’t focused on your overall plan.

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