How to increase sales as a small business.

If you have little to no experience in marketing, then this quick guide will give you a couple of quick fixes of increasing sales. Whether this is a side hustle, or your full-time passion – these 4 solutions will assist you in being a better business person.

At Saint Noir Studio, we’re a creative studio specialising in branding, graphic design and marketing. We want you tell your story via marketing and captivate your dream audience.

01. Be found

It’s all fine and well having a website and plodding on. However, are you actively looking for new customers? Having a presence online is so important for any small businesses, especially when there are bigger businesses covering all aspects of marketing. A sound experience and a searchable website is key! Make sure your website is easy to use on a mobile, 55.56% of all traffic comes through mobile phones.

Don’t lose out to a competitor because their online platforms are easier to access on a phone. Yes, your website may look beautiful on a computer, but if it looks and acts like a potato on a mobile device, then you could be losing out.

You can optimise your website for a phone yourself, or outsource it to skilled create, like myself.

02. Provide Value to your customers

No, I’m not saying offer your products for free, but offer customers a slice of your brand. Say if you’re a jewellery business, offer sound advice on the best way to clean gold, silver, if you’re a hair stylist provide examples of how to maintain healthy hair.

By providing this content and sharing it with your audience, you become a trusted professional and customers will start looking to you for sound advice. Coming from a place of trust giving valuable advice to your customers will also make them look at your products in a more trusted sense. Why would they trust a business who they haven’t heard of, or who they haven’t had a positive experience with already.

Providing content via a blog, or online videos creates the first touch point for your customer and your brand.

03. Blog blog blog!

This leads us onto our third point… blog! Answer your customer’s deepest desires. Why is their skin oily? As a skincare company, you should be answering this and using your expertise knowledge. Is your customer looking for the best dessert in Manchester, and do you sell it? If you do, then write about it.

Is your salon looking for the best salon in Newcastle? Write about it!

This is a perfect opportunity to get creative, include images, videos and helpful tricks and tips that will make your customer want to come back for more.

By writing value-based content, we have helped a client of ours increase their organic search by 948% year on year.

04. Email Marketing

If you already have a customer base and an email platform then amazing, you’re part of the way there! However, if you’re not doing anything with then you’re really missing out.

Why be constantly targeting new customers when you can re-target existing ones who already know your brand. Always remember, work smarter, not harder!

By personalising your emails, you can increase open rates up to 35%! Go the extra mile for those who haven’t purchased with you in a few months and offer them an exclusive

We recommend the following email CRM systems: MailChimp & Klaviyo 

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