How much does a logo cost?

How much does a logo actually cost? In the UK the average price of a “good” logo along with branding elements such as your colour palette, alternative logos, social graphics to name a few should cost between £250 – £2,500. The cost solely depends on what elements you add on, and the time taken to create this.

A logo is an essential jigsaw piece to a business’s overall branding, it’s often the first thing a potential customer will see, however it shouldn’t be the only thing. It’s important for your logo to stand out from the crowd and be completely bespoke to your brand.

As with all business costs, you need to weigh the cost of logo design against the value and elevation you will gain. By having a professionally designed logo, are you more likely to gain more customers, most likely yes.

The way we present ourselves to customers is one of the most important marketing tools that we have, and it’s the easiest. Once your branding assets are in place, you’ve received your welcome pack with all of the goodies, it’s now time to put them to good use.

What about free logo design?

Free logo is design is fine, or close to free design is also ok. Every business is at a different point in their journey, if a free logo is something you would prefer then who are we to judge. However, most free logos are generic and are built with stock or online design tools such as canva.

Most free logos do not come with the files needed to use them in high quality settings, and in most cases are not vectorised.

Free logo design suits some businesses, however more times than not the designs are not bespoke to your business and a million other businesses will have the exact same logo as you.

Why do I need a vectorised logo?

Vectorised logos are usually a scalable, and editable image that allows designers freedom when it comes to design and illustration.

Vector images retain quality as the image is made up of numerous individual, scalable objects, each defined by a mathematical equation.

Whereas a raster image, which you would most likely find on social media, cannot be rescaled therefore shouldn’t be used for logo and branding elements.

So, what is the difference between a logo designer and a branding expert?

As a logo designer, they just design your logo. Whereas a branding expert (such as myself), we take the time to learn about your market, your audience and how your logo will fit into your brand.

We take the time needed to discover the correct way to elevate your brand and introduce a number of ways you can do this across your business.

Some of the logos we’ve created


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